Welcome to GeniUS! York

This website is for anyone and everyone to share ideas on how we can tackle the challenges that York and its inhabitants face.

We want to encourage and develop new and imaginative ways for the city to meet some of its key challenges.


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The sixth GeniUS! York challenge tackled the question: “How do we develop Healthcare Services to Better Fit all of our Needs?” Read more about it here: http://geniusyork.com/page/latest-challenge

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Here is a slightly more detailed graphic of my 1990 vision of what has now been revealed as the top secret site code named "The Tear Drop Site", which now made publi, is also known as York Central Site. In order to relieve Coach and Delivery Lorry B…
Kevin Ward updated their profile photo
Kevin Ward updated their profile photo

What’s GeniUS! all about?

In the past the challenges facing York have often been discussed and decisions made out of the public arena. This website looks to change this by providing a place for everyone to have a voice and be actively involved in finding solutions to specific problems or ‘challenges’. GeniUS! is an online forum to work through the problems the challenges pose and develop solutions that can be taken forward and piloted in the city, creating improvements that benefit us all.    

How does it work?

GeniUS! is the space for you to post and share your ideas with the online community. The best ideas will be developed through workshops with the aim of taking them forward as pilot schemes. Or as we like to call it ‘The Three P’s’ – Post, Participate, Pilot.