Catching the Wave

The overall picture presented by Catching The Wave is one of a sector that is experiencing a surge in interest and will to innovate. Its ability to innovate is however, where the uncertainty is most prominent.
58% of the applicants are proposing innovative projects, and 38% seeking to support brand new projects. There are indications across most councils of a good understanding of innovation theory, although there are also signs of a challenge in effectively translating this understanding into impact as only 42% of councils are ready to innovate.
Crucially though, there is a good level of openness to receiving external support with only 7% being closed to support (other than financial) and 40% being highly open to support across all projects. This is critical as the two key ingredients for organisational change are the will to change and openness to learning. If these are in place, good progress can be made.
More good news is that the scale of applications, 38% of all local authorities across England and Wales, 78% of County Councils, 63% of London Boroughs, 56% of Unitary Authorities and 58% of
Metropolitan Councils suggest that there is a critical mass to support a movement for change.
Whatever happens next, it is clearly a critical moment for local government. Budget reductions have created an unprecedented swell in the interest and will to innovate. Here we outline some ideas for catching the wave of interest and shoring up lasting change.

How do you think we can help City of York Council to provide better solutions to medium and long term challenges?Catching the Wave

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