Out of Hours Childcare

The City of York Council's Economic and City Development Overview and Scrutiny Committee would like your help. They are looking for ideas and suggestions which would contribute to answering the following question:

How can the Council raise the supply of out of hours childcare providers/babysitters that are Ofsted approved and information to parents about the out of hours childcare available?

For the purposes of the Scrutiny Committee, out of hours childcare is defined as before 8am, after 6pm, weekends and overnight stays either at the childminders or parents.

Your ideas and suggestions can be posted below. These ideas may be used by the Committtee as evidence within their review work and as such they may appear in the public domain (in a different format to that posted on the website) as part of their final report.

The Economic and City Development Overview and Scrutiny Committee can make recommendations to the Cabinet where they think things could be improved for residents. They are looking for ‘smart’ ideas that focus on doing things differently in partnership with other organisations & groups within the City.

This question will be open until January 2013 and we'd like to hear from anyone who has any ideas on how this can be achieved.

We hope that the GeniUS!York community can help!

What is the Economic and City Development Overview and Scrutiny Committee?

The Local Government Act 2000 set out to modernise local government by ending the traditional committee system and replacing it with a system where decisions are taken by a small group of councillors known as Cabinet Members (similar to the Cabinet in central government). 
Councillors who are not members of the Cabinet (known as non-executive members) act as watchdogs by examining Cabinet decisions, and the policies and performance of the Council.  They can make recommendations to the Cabinet where they think things could be improved for residents.   This function is called ‘Overview and Scrutiny’. 
Overview & Scrutiny is designed to be non-party political and all Overview & Scrutiny Committees must be politically balanced.

Further in formation on the Committee can be found at the following links:

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  • Hi

    What about having a section on the CYC website under 'Health & Family Care' called out of hours childcare.

    It would information saved in a format that was like a database.

    The person who was offering the out of hours service would complete an on-line form, saying the days/times that they were available, whether they were Ofsted approved, it would give their postal area for location information and their hourly rate and contact details, and how long they have been looking after children.

    The person wanting the service would have to register also, and then once there details were confirmed, they could then access the information, including contact telephone numbers.

    Hopefully, this would make the service available 'out of hours' and also keep admin costs to a minimum!

    Just a thought!

    I have just found a website called which appears to do what I was suggesting - have a look - it seems to be very good!




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