The Council's Role

The Council aims to act as a central focal point for ideas generation and not as a ‘governing body’ or ‘owner of the process' in keeping with the spirit of Open Innovation. They will, where they can, provide information and expertise.  They will use contacts within the City and beyond to involve those people who can contribute to the development and implementation of ideas, and provide full support in bringing the ideas chosen to life.

To enable this to happen the council will;

The Council will share the challenges currently faced by the city and provide context and information about them.  This is to enable an understanding of the issues and allow creative and innovative ideas to be submitted on the GeniUS website, allowing investigation and development of solutions to these challenges

The Council commit to interact with those who contact GeniUS! requesting further information on a challenge and/or submit an idea which could be developed or requires further detail.  They will do this through the ‘Innovation Team’ who will manage the site, its contents and any queries.

Once a challenge has closed on the website a selection panel will select the idea/s for further development based on their suitability to meet the challenges requirements and the benefit to the city. During development of idea/s through to implementation the Council is keen to work with the person/s and/or organisation/s who posted the idea or developed it during it’s time on GeniUS!  However should you not wish to be involved at this stage or wish to post ideas anonymously this can also happen. Ideas are selected on their own merit.

The selected ideas will be developed into workable pilots with agreed implementation plans.  This will be done with the individuals as stated above, the appropriate Council staff, and other relevant people the idea will affect such as funding bodies, business partners, experts, and residents of York.

The Council is committed to ensuring the idea ‘comes’ to life’.  They will dedicate resources to those ideas which are most suitable to solving the challenges posted and will have a far reaching and positive effect on the City. 

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What is GeniUS York?

This website is for anyone and everyone to share ideas on how we can tackle the challenges that York and its inhabitants face. We want to encourage and develop new and imaginative ways for the city to meet some of its key challenges.