Youth Unemployment/Jobs for 18-24 year olds

The City of York Council's Economic and City Development Overview and Scrutiny Committee would like your help. They are looking for ideas and suggestions which would contribute to answering the following question:

How Can City of York Council help young people to get work?

Your ideas and suggestions can be posted below. These ideas may be used by the Committtee as evidence within their review work and as such they may appear in the public domain (in a different format to that posted on the website) as part of their final report.

The Economic and City Development Overview and Scrutiny Committee can make recommendations to the Cabinet where they think things could be improved for residents. They are looking for ‘smart’ ideas that focus on doing things differently in partnership with other organisations & groups within the City.

This question will be open until Friday 16th November and we'd like to hear from anyone who has any ideas on how this can be achieved.

We hope that the GeniUS!York community can help!

What is the Economic and City Development Overview and Scrutiny Committee?

The Local Government Act 2000 set out to modernise local government by ending the traditional committee system and replacing it with a system where decisions are taken by a small group of councillors known as Cabinet Members (similar to the Cabinet in central government).  

Councillors who are not members of the Cabinet (known as non-executive members) act as watchdogs by examining Cabinet decisions, and the policies and performance of the Council.  They can make recommendations to the Cabinet where they think things could be improved for residents.   This function is called ‘Overview and Scrutiny’.  

Overview & Scrutiny is designed to be non-party political and all Overview & Scrutiny Committees must be politically balanced.

Further in formation on the Committee can be found at the following links:

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  • Thanks to those who contributed. Challenge is now closed.

  • Any more ideas how to help 18-24 year olds find work in York?

    Challenge closes imminently. We'd really like your help and ideas on what we can do to make a difference.

  • Supported volunteering and mentoring to enable young people to reach out to develop their own personal  interests is one way forward into work. 

    Reaching Out, funded by The Big Lottery and based at The Children's Society's PACT Project here in York, has been building bridges to enable disabled young people (aged 16 - 25), to participate in meaningful and enjoyable activities as part of an inclusive work force.

    Over the last 3 years 85 disabled young people, supported by 36 volunteers, have contributed over 4800 hours to community volunteering with 79 organisations in York. The brilliant news is that 41 of these young people are continuing to volunteer and 11 are in paid work as a result of their personalised volunteering experiences. All have gained confidence, new skills and new friends who involve them in the local community.

     Take a look at for more information and also the attached Out in Front newsletter for young people.  

    We have produced two DVDs with young people so that they and the support volunteers and organisations can tell others about their own experiences of the barriers and benefits of volunteering. We are using these resources in workshops with local voluntary groups - then supporting them to set and meet their own  Reaching Out Challenges for inclusive supported volunteering.   

     There is an ongoing need for person centred interventions.

     A new strand of our work is extending the Reaching Out model through a local partnership with JobCentrePlus. WorkAspire  is designed to support young disabled people to identify their own skills and, with the help of a support worker, find relevant volunteering and longer term work opportunities.   

      How best can we share this work and learning with others?


  • I run a training company based in York, called GAP Training Limited.  We currently have funding to help unemployed people find work through the creation of Apprenticeships.  The message is not getting through - either young people or businesses - that Apprenticeships are a real alternative to going to college or  university and avoids the problem of building up debt with tuition fees and student loans etc.  Apprenticeships allow individuals to 'earn as they  learn' and are available in a variety of subject areas, including Business, Retail, Logistics and Customer Service, to name but a few.  

    Employers with less than 1000 employees can also benefit from generous grants to help them take on Apprentices.

     If City of York Council took on even one Apprentice in every department - how many 18 - 24 year olds could this support?  If the council could act as a 'hub organisation' to draw together employers, prospective Apprentices and local training providers to a one -day event, this would ensure there was a clear picture of what really is on offer in the City.

    Maggie Geraghty

    Director, GAP Training Ltd

    Tel.  01904 424730


  • It has always been our aspiration at IY to be able to offer real, short-term paid placements, work experiences and Apprenticeships to the young people who come through our programmes. This would give them 'CV Gold' and a platform from which to build. These are young people with significant talent, will and competences but often face significant barriers to employment. We currently have our IY Ambassadors group and our Bright Sparks Youth Board which allows us to offer a creative progression route once a project is finished, however, in this climate, these are not paid roles. Perhaps Apprenticeships or placements could be shared and costs split between small 3rd sector orgs and a private sector sponsor? Or more than the minimal tax breaks against the cost of an Apprenticeship. The city as a whole should invest in its young people - and not just the young people who excel academically but those who express their intelligence in different ways.

    Check out what our IY Ambassadors get up to by following their BLOG!

    IY Ambassadors

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