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From Can’t Get Started to Can’t be Stopped: How can we support York citizens and businesses to become an irresistible force for innovation?

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Every day we hear about amazing new inventions, innovations, gadgets and all sorts coming onto the market.  Things that would improve the lives of us all if only ‘the powers that be’ knew about them and could move faster to help us get them into our city homes, schools, hospitals, streets and into our lives generally.

Often these new technologies and innovations can save money and lives, can increase the length of time we remain in our homes when we are older, can make ‘living well’ an easy and hassle free thing to do.  Often as individuals, we find out about better ways of doing things through the work we do, the interests we have and the expertise and experience we gain through life.  Sometimes we come up with solutions ourselves through being close to the problems, knowing about something which works somewhere else and could be adapted or generally have a creative approach to fixing things.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to share the insights we hear about as well as to have our own ideas supported if we want to try them in the city.  To be able to use everyone’s skills and passions to expand the richness and quality of the city through actively working together.

So… the idea is to figure out a way to make it possible for anyone at any time who wants to proactively improve York, to be able to communicate ideas and innovations, to identify where there are better ways to do things and to suggest and be part of implementing improvements to current products, places and systems. The overall concept is to ‘short circuit’ the way a city traditionally slowly progresses, by ‘fast-tracking’ great ideas and new innovations here in York.

Mayors Challenge 

On behalf of the city, the council’s innovation team recently pitched this idea into a competition funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies, called the ‘Mayors Challenge’ which is looking for ambitious ‘game changing’ ideas to revolutionise how cities do things.  The competition was open to cities from all over Europe and 155 cities applied in total to win the grand prize of 5 million Euros, or be one of the four runners up winning prizes of 1 million Euros to make their ideas happen.

They liked the idea and York was one of the 21 finalists!

To see the final proposal we submitted based on your input and expertise, please see link below.

 York Mayors Challenge Final Submission

We want your help to take the existing GeniUS! process to a new level, to:

  • Improve our connection and engagement with residents and businesses;
  • Allow everyone to identify challenges, opportunities and ideas and take them forward together;
  • Expand our options for finding solutions or building them together if they don’t exist already;
  • Bring the ideas to life as quickly as possible.

Right to Solve

We want to give everyone a ‘Right to Solve’, where anyone can:

  • Communicate any new ideas/opportunities that have just emerged which could make the city better;
  • Identify where there is room for improvement and suggest how to improve it;
  • Collaborate with others on solutions and how these could be tried and tested

This is all to enable everyone to highlight new thinking and then quickly act on it where development is possible. Within this, we will also be looking to re-shape our procurement processes and how we buy things as a city to enable us to take advantage of new ideas and opportunities more effectively.

But in order for all this to work, this needs to be a process made by the city for the city. We need input on how to help everyone to communicate, share ideas and discover what is on the horizon in terms of new technologies and better ways to do things than are currently in place.  We need ideas around how best to support new improvements and innovations to make them into a reality – think about what would empower you to make a difference.

Ideas often come at times when we aren’t expecting  them, so what would be the best way to share? We are also going to have to work out ways to pick the best solutions, to respond and implement good ideas quickly, and manage the whole process well. It needs to be open to any York resident who wants to take part, as well as any others who have an interest in making the city a better place to live and work.

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What is GeniUS York?

This website is for anyone and everyone to share ideas on how we can tackle the challenges that York and its inhabitants face. We want to encourage and develop new and imaginative ways for the city to meet some of its key challenges.

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