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The GeniUS! Website and project is a partnership between Science City York (SCY) and City of York Council and was originally funded by NESTA as part of their Creative Councils Programme. GeniUS now forms part of a wider Innovation programme in the city called Innovate York. Innovate York is also a partnership between SCY and City of York Council which aims to enable York to lead the way in attracting, adopting and embedding innovation city-wide.

The concept behind GeniUS is simple, and based on getting everyone involved (residents, businesses, charities, students, and public services alike) who are part of the city to look at new ways to solve some of the city’s problems.  This is through online ideas generation and development that anyone can contribute to by commenting on a challenge. To find out how to comment on a challenge visit the GET INVOLVED tab.

The web site and the challenges are supported by the Innovate York Team. Behind the scenes they answer queries and push forward ideas from GeniUS! to be developed and refined into real solutions. These solutions can then be piloted in a live setting across the city to test if they work and to refine them further.

The Innovate York team help to navigate around potential barriers individuals or business may normally face. They put their contacts and experience of the system to good use to smooth the way for challenges solutions. By being part of GeniUS and talking to the community City of York Council have a much better understanding of your views on issues and who to talk to, and who has the expertise to advise when looking at future challenges for the city. It’s a win win situation! 

GeniUS is in itself a pilot programme, all be it one that’s forging the way and being rolled out across cities world wide. Therefore it’s not without the odd hickup along the way, if you have any comments on the site itself or the content please let us know at GeniUS@york.gov.uk

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To find out more about our latest GeniUS! Youth challenge and Synergy Surgery please click here

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