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How Does it Work?


After you have set up your GeniUS! profile, we encourage members to post comments. You can post your ideas and comments on the latest or any previous challenges, any suggestions for future challenges or even if you have any idea for making York a better place in general. You can also add a blog post and videos.  If you would prefer not to post a comment and just follow the discussions that is also fine! Alternatively you can share your ideas with us at GeniUS! by emailing and we will post them on your behalf. When you sign up you can always just post a hello to all the GeniUS! community also!


Once all comments, ideas and suggestions on a latest challenge have been collated, the most suitable ideas chosen are taken forward. At this stage those who have come up with the best idea will participate and meetings are arranged with the key people and businesses, developing concepts to a working idea, and then the next step is to pilot the programmes in the city.


The process of Piloting the project in the city depends on the relevant challenge but the aim is to get the pilot up and running within 6 months of the idea being chosen to take forward.

We hope that ‘The Three P’s’ is a simple yet GeniUS! process.

We want to hear all your ideas and thoughts about the challenge and comments, this includes

  • Your ideas
  • The benefits of your idea
  • Is there anything that could be tricky about making your idea a reality, for example time, cost, or technology
  • Are there similar examples of solutions working else where you could tell us about?

You don’t have to have the answers!  Some people will have well developed ideas that they will have lots of information about, and some will have ideas resulting from a moment of inspiration that have very little detail. Either way, or somewhere in between please share it with us.

Who Chooses the Challenges?

Each challenge will be open for between 4-6 weeks, we’ll tell you the exact timeframes when each challenge is posted. 

The Challenges 1 to 9 have been identified by talking to some of the residents, council members, businesses and organisations such as the NHS in York. They have been chosen as they represent issues City of York Council don't know the answers to, but they think someone else in the city might. This could be you!

Your ideas for future challenges?

Got any suggestions to a great area a future challenge should be based on?  Post it below!!

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  • How do we create safe roads and safe crossing places without installing vertical traffic calming measures (speed humps, 'cushions' and tables) that cause pain and injury to law-abiding disabled/frail/elderly/ill people, stopping them from being able to use roads and, therefore, preventing them from participating fully in the life of the city? (See e.g. What alternative traffic calming measures/incentives/disincentives can be used or developed that will target/punish drivers who are speeding, whilst allowing those driving within the speed limit to have flat, safe, pain-free access along roads? Surely we can be more creative than just dumping a lump of something onto a road. Let’s unleash our creativity and enhance the quality of life for all rather than making disabled/frail/elderly/ill people’s life a misery with humps. See, e.g., for a creative solution to changing people’s behaviour.
  • Solutions to congestion in York
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What happens once a challenge closes?

Each challenge will be open for 4/6 weeks. Once the challenge closes the people who instigated the original challenge or the relative City of York Council department will have some time to review all the comments and suggestions and choose ideas for further development based on their suitability and benefit for solving the original challenge. 

The next steps after this are to arrange meetings with the key people and businesses, develop concepts in to a working idea, and then to start pilot the programmes. We will keep the GeniUS! community updated and informed on the website.

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